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26 Aug 2013

Macaroons as a wedding treat

A few months ago, we had a young couple coming in our shop to check out wedding treats.  They had come to Cyprus from UK, having Cypriot roots, they had decided the wedding should be done here.

They wanted something different than the usual treats offered at weddings and they had set their hearts on macaroons.  On their visiting day, we happened to have freshly made macaroons and it was a great opportunity for them to give them a try.  They were thrilled!

The couple went back to UK, but kept our details and after some time they had given us a call  and placed their order.

The flavor was pistachio.
This is a picture taken just when we had them out of the over!  So freshly baked.

Our macaroons are made from scratch.  We do not buy a ready made mix.  We have adopted the french way and recipe and we adapt the flavor as per our customers' requests.

Below is the finished product from the wedding.

And here are pictures after the treats were placed on the tables, at the actual reception area.

We wish them all the happiness of the world and we thank them for deciding to chose our products.